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14th April 2017
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14th April 2017
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Indelible Markers in Pack of 10 pcs

 700.00  560.00 incl. all taxes

Fast drying, skin friendly composition

Insoluble in water, permanent marker

Used for Election Purposes, Pulse Polio drive


1 Display Box = 10 Pcs

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Delivery in 6 to 7 working days * condition apply for big volumes.

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The marker pens, which were touted to replace indelible ink that has been used for more than five decades in all government elections, Soni Officemate presents Indelible markers which serves the purpose.

Our markers contains Silver nitrate which comes in contact with the skin to form silver chloride which turns color dark purplish to black after oxidisation – the indelible ink, which is insoluble in water and makes a permanent mark.

Indelible marker ink is fast drying, hence can’t be wiped once applied on Index finger cuticle and upper portion.
Contains skin friendly composition.
It has excellent resistance to water & soap solution to avoid removal after washing.
It has excellent resistance to organic solvents; hence it can’t be cleaned with solvents.
The Indelible Marker offered by us is of the best quality and is used for Election Purposes, Pulse Polio drive.
Packaging Details

Display Box 10 Pcs /
Master Carton Qty. 480 pcs /
Measurement 340x290x210 mm /
N.W : 25.00 kgs
H.S. Code : 96082000

Attributes / Specifications

Fade resistance / For marking on fingers for Election purpose, pulse polio drive

Export Quantity

5000-10,000 USD


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